Why is it important to have an ongoing relationship with an attorney if you are in business?

n any business, it is inevitable that legal issues arise, whether the issues are related to employees, vendors, customers, internal company issues or a myriad of other issues that can arise in day to day business life. It is important that you have a relationship with an attorney that understands your business and your business needs, and that has some insight into your philosophy with respect to running your business. A simple phone call to a trusted attorney can many times provide you with the advice you need to stop a small problem before it becomes a big problem. It can also give you the confidence to know that you have an ally in seeing to it that your business continues to do what it is designed to do rather than wasting time or expending money on problems that could have been avoided.Talk to other business owners in your area and review the qualifications and backgrounds of attorneys in your area to determine what attorney might best fit your needs. An attorney who has long standing relationships with many different businesses can give you insight into whether or not that attorney is serving clients well and would be a helpful addition to your team.

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