As business owners ourselves, we understand that there are many challenges for every business owner  which involve a wide range of problems. While most business owners concern themselves with increasing  revenue, few are concerned about minimizing their liability and risks.  Some of the business problems we can assist with include:

Breach of Contract

Business owners will undoubtedly encounter clients who owe significant fees for services rendered or products delivered.  In situations where you have been unable to collect money owed to you, a lawsuit may be necessary.  Our firm will help you in determining if a lawsuit is a solution and whether money is recoverable through litigation. Conversely, if you are being unfairly charged for fees you did not incur and must respond to a lawsuit filed against you, our firm can help you to determine your liability.

Fraud, Trade Libel and other Business Torts
One common business tort which occurs within the Los Angeles business community is when a person has misrepresented facts to another and induced that person into making a purchase.  In this scenario, fraud is usually alleged in a lawsuit to obtain not only out-of-pocket losses, but punitive damages as well.  As with fraud, trade libel and other business torts also give rise to punitive damages which are awarded by the Court when someone commits an intentional and malicious act against another.  Our firm has successfully prosecuted and defended businesses and individuals in these situations. 

Copyright Infringement
If you have been accused of stealing somebody else's design or logo, our firm can assist you defend against such claims usually contained in cease and desist letters followed by a lawsuit in federal court.